Large Format Aluminium Print Series

With inspiration being drawn from the experienced of viewing the Chuck Close print series at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, I was lead to experimenting with a larger scale of print reproduction. Both the large scale and the various graphic reproduction techniques adopted by Chuck Close inspired me to experiment with a new approach to my work that involved direct digital reproduction onto aluminium composite material (ACM).

Using original paper prints produced with photopolymer plates between 2013 and 2015 as the image source I have created a series of digitally reproduced images directly printed onto finished ACM. The images in the series have been cropped from their paper originals and scaled to finished sizes of up to 145cm H x 100cm W. What I have found interesting by undertaking this exercise is the opportunity to create a more simplified and striking set of images.

The digital reproduction system used for the aluminium print series is the swissQprint premium large format print system that emanated from the St. Gallen Rhine Valley, Switzerland. The system enables the direct digital printing onto rigid oversized panels. I have opted for the use of a finished natural ACM material as the background surface on which to print that creates a shimmering effect when the viewer moves around the image.

Each of the large-scale aluminium prints has been reproduced as a one-off print that will not be reprinted as an edition and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.